The earliest of my blogs still in existence online is Darla Dixon Portrait Art and Illustration

In 2015, I decided to go ahead and branch out into business marketing. I do this work on a freelance basis, and I feel confident it will grow. You can check out my Marketing Blog here, or visit my website for helping businesses promote on the Internet, Darla Dixon Marketing.

Drawing Board is my blog for art in progress (I must admit I don't keep this updated as much as I should!)

Forensic artist blog (this is where I collected the information I could find on this intriguing topic)

Pencil portrait business advice - I have so many people contacting me to ask for information about doing pencil portrait art as a business, that I decided I'd create a blog on the subject.

Hedcut/Pointillism portrait blog covers a type of portrait I no longer offer, but I keep the blog anyway. I have some friends who offer this type of portrait, and I can refer clients to them by keeping the blog.

Snellville Artists - I wanted a place to collect the names and possibly links of all the artists I can find in the local area. As someone said to me recently, artists are like stars in the sky, all moving in their own constellations. They can be hard to bring together. But I think the most important step in being able to support each other is to know each other and what we do!

I published a local blog about Snellville GA and a few others for about 14 years. I still enjoy writing and editing, and proofreading.