Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Life is getting complicated, isn't it?

Life is getting complicated, isn't it?
To prevent problems, I have 2-step verification process set up on my Google accounts/email. Whenever a new device is used to access the account, I need to request a text with an access code. Now it says I need a backup phone number, in case the first number doesn't work. I also have app-specific access codes.
We have to schedule virus scans and make sure the threat protection is updated. We have to have scans for mal-ware and also make sure that is updated. We have to have pop-up ad blockers.
We have to have usernames and passwords for all this stuff. The username cannot be this or cannot be that. The password must have all capital letters or no capital letters, or a combination. Or, it needs to have the first letter be a capital letter and include some numbers. But oh no, you can't repeat any number more than twice! Some want a punctuation mark or symbol included, some don't.
You can keep your passwords and usernames in a password program, but where do you keep the username and password to the password program? What if that falls into the wrong hands, then they'll have everything, including the Sour Cream Pound Cake recipe from the Homemaker's Club. You can put the password in the cloud, but what if it rains? Can I really trust Apple? I hardly know them yet.
Ok, I'd rather put all my usernames and passwords on paper. An address book right next to the computer? Doesn't that make it too easy to find all the usernames and passwords? I could email them to myself....nope, no good, what if they get into the email account? Then they have everything.
How about inside Google Drive? Can't do that, someone could still get in there, and access everything.
Oh, I've got it! I could name the file "Sour Cream Pound Cake recipe" and put the Sour Cream Pound Cake recipe in a file called Usernames and Passwords. 
Well, I need to go. A multicolored flashing banner ad is telling me I may have won an iPad and hot young singles in my area want to talk to me.

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