Friday, March 1, 2013

Why Google needs to learn how to share

I am enjoying a free download of Bob Marley's song Could You Be Loved thanks to Google Play as I write this.  A free song! So why would I complain about Google? Well, not so much a complaint as a suggestion.

I thought I would share the free song offer with friends on Facebook. So I clicked "Share" on Google Play. The only sharing option there was Google Plus.

Google Play is trying to promote by using the free downloads, but they're really missing the boat by being so resistant to Facebook. Granted, they and we may have some reasons to dislike Facebook. But if Google Play customers use Facebook, why not glean some business to Google Play via Facebook if you can?

It's called the Internet. Inter-NET. Inter-WEB. It is all interlinking. Send some web traffic away, some web traffic is going to bounce back to you.

People like to share and they will share through several sources if they are given the opportunity. It's to Google's benefit, but it also benefits the users of the site, because as I said, people like to share.

By being so closed in and resistant, Google is not acting like a modern company at all.

Below, you'll see a link to share this on Google+.
This blog is brought to you by the folks at Google, as Blogspot is a Google product.
I also use Gmail.

Thank you, Google for the good products. I don't mind sharing that I like you most of the time.
Now, give back :)

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