Saturday, August 18, 2012

An Artist's Stress Dream

Last night, I dreamed that Sacha Baron-Cohen (of Borat fame) and his wife were at my house & wanted to look at artwork I've done, as they were considering hiring me to do some art for them.

All heck broke loose at my house. The kids were all fighting, phone was ringing, pipes were leaking, and when we all went outside, large sinkholes started forming in my front yard.

I finally had to fess up to the guests that I didn't have anything under control and that perhaps (!!!) now wasn't the BEST time.

As he looked through my art portfolio, Sacha Baron Cohen of my dream crumpled the paper of some of my artwork and HE thought this was absolutely hilarious. I remember I was very peeved at him but he was so sweet and apologetic that it was all for the sake of humor that I forgave him.

This was obviously a stress dream, but it's fun to think about it now. I have no idea why Baron-Cohen was in my dream or why he left his British accent at home.

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Katherine Thomas said...

Oh dear, that is definitely an artist stress dream. I still have similar dreams about teaching. Funny how the things that 'go wrong' in our dreams are things like holes appearing in the lawn, or a river running through the middle of the classroom. Hey we should use the stuff of our dreams to create our next artwork... I think that the people and things in dreams are only symbolic of feelings that we associate with them. Its not really that person that we're thinking about, they're just the symbol. But you're probably going to be mad at SBC next time you see him in a movie or TV show!