Monday, March 26, 2012

Sassy birds

Wild birds have a lot of personality -- especially when they want their seed breakfast and they think you are holding out on them.

I’ve always meant to get a real bird feeder. We just scatter a few seeds out every morning. There's been a lot of bird activity — actually , the birds have begun to expect the hand-out.
The main seed beggars I have are Cardinals. Many mornings, I hear the persistent rhythmic “chirp -- chirp” of a gorgeous red male Cardinal on our porch. This morning, it was a brown female Cardinal who asked, nay —demanded seeds. She was very sassy indeed! It almost sounded like she was cussing! I almost expected her to pull a jack-knife out from beneath her wing. She got her seeds because frankly, we live in fear of her.
The squirrels are regular visitors after the birds. Someday, I really do mean to buy a really nice bird feeder. A word of caution though -- If you don’t place the bird feeder the correct distance from trees and buildings or high enough off the ground, it can become a combination bird feeder/cat feeder.
Attracting birds to the yard provided an unexpected benefit 2 years ago, when a type of grub worm called Armyworms invaded Snellville lawns and gobbled them up. My yard made it through the infestation fairly well — I think because birds were used to eating here. They ate a lot of the worms. All through the year, birds help you with pest control because they feed live insects to their young. I enjoy watching them and just think they’re pretty. I've been surprised by how much personality they have, and how they're not afraid to show it.


Jackie said...

I was considering getting a bird feeder this weekend but was worried that I would be invaded by the birds droppings -_- I mean, they/ve already got 4 nests in the tree in my front yard...Is that enough?

Darla Dixon, Artist said...

I haven't really noticed any droppings, which is amazing. I guess they eat and leave. Maybe our house is McDonald's for birds.