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2010 Walton Tribune Article

Walton Tribune article from September 25, 2010

According to the proclamation, Dixon uses her talents whenever possible to help those in her community in need. She recently donated a piece of art to Kat Orr of Loganville to auction off to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She also auctions off paintings regularly at the Snellville Farmers Market, all the proceeds going toward the Southeast Gwinnett Cooperative Ministry.
Dixon said her reason for doing this is simple.
"I really just like helping out a good cause - and it's better to have my artwork in someone else's house where it can be seen," she said.
Dixon said she realized art was her passion when she was a child, but like many people who have a natural ability she took it for granted and didn't consider it a valuable skill.
"Except that schoolmates were always asking me to draw things for them," Dixon said. "So although I won the art award for best art student in the school in high school, I still convinced myself that I should forgo art and do something serious."
Dixon said she went through a variety of jobs, including working in a library, a book store, customer service, retail, human resources, payroll, medical billing and office management before deciding to stay home and raise her children. It was in looking for something to do from home that she decided to go back to her artistic roots. That was 10 years ago. Since then she has become an internationally renowned artist, selling her work all over the world.
"My international clients have found me on the Internet," Dixon said, adding although it seemed a little daunting at first, it really wasn't difficult to receive payment and ship her artwork overseas.
"I bill the client in U.S. dollars and Paypal takes care of the exchange rate details," Dixon said. "I have a client in the United Arab Emirates who pays me through Western Union and I have clients in England and Ireland as well. I've done a pencil portrait for a client in Australia - that was the farthest distance."
How does Dixon feel about the city honoring her Monday with the proclamation?
"I'm incredibly honored," she said, adding she's glad it will help people find out about her Snellville blog. "I've always felt it would help a lot of people want to be involved in Snellville if they feel informed of what's going on in the community. I think the proclamation is proof that anyone can do meaningful things - all they have to do is get involved."
Dixon said it's amazing to her to think that she's been able to help people in the community from the laptop on her kitchen table. She said she's hoping to be able to do more to promote the art community in Snellville in the coming years. Dixon's blog can be found at http://www.facebook.com/l/95b6doMaXjt4MCKbb14JsBxR4A;www.MySnellvilleBlog.com

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