Monday, September 12, 2011

Is there a gene for clean?

What is your least favorite housework chore? I really hate cleaning out the refrigerator. I don't know why, but I always put it off. Take a look at that sentence: "What is your least favorite housework chore?" The word 'housework' has 'work' in it, then that 'chore' word appears. Ugh. Just dreadful, that's the way we look at cleaning.

However, I think that some people were born with a genetic predisposition for being clean and organized. Then there are those of us who would rather jump off a building and have two broken legs to use as an excuse for not cleaning. I'm somewhere in the middle I suppose. I would only like one broken leg, please.

Although my house is still not clean enough for company most of the time, I think it's generally safe for the general population, which is if you count the dog. Over time, I have learned some tips for quick cleaning -- sometimes in our quest for perfection, we do things the hard way when we don't have to. So, some time ago, I created this Squidoo page, called The Quick and Dirty Guide to Cleaning. Check it out for some good tips. Even those of your who are genetically organized and clean might find something you can use. You can use the extra time to alphabetize your teaspoons by manufacturer name, or something else you've been procrastinating about.

Out of 229 responses to a survey on that page, over a quarter of the respondents said that cleaning the toilet was their least favorite housework job. I suppose that's because people consider it gross. The next most disliked chore was doing dishes. I would guess that's because it seems like it's never done. I outsource that job to my teenage twin daughters. It was part of my plan all along.

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Coffee Lovin' Mom said...

I'm glad to hear someone else's house is not fit for company...mine is for maybe 5ish minutes - if you don't show up in that amount of time judge me if you will. I like outsourcing the jobs too, my daughter loves to clean toilets so it's a win/win there. I'm off to check out your Squidoo page.