Friday, August 19, 2011

Writing About The Arts

I need to write an article for a local magazine about the art scene here in Snellville. It's trickier than it seems like it would be. It's hard to write about anything regarding the arts and not have it be perceived as an advertisement, either for myself or my art friends.

I wonder if you have any ideas to share with me. For a community magazine, what kind of article relating to the arts would you like to read? For instance, I could write about a local art gallery, do features on local artists or art teachers. Would you want to read about free art opportunities, or the history of art in your town?

How do you feel about performing arts? Do you think it gets too much coverage or too little?

Have you read anything local (to your area) about art that you remember was very special?


Ava Jae said...

I'd suggest a feature on a specific artist--it'd be much less likely to be regarded as advertising because it's a human interest story.

I think the arts get too little coverage (especially when it's local art). But I'm an artsy person so I'm probably biased. :)

Kelly Stone Gamble said...

Many moons ago, I wrote articles about the arts! A soft spot in my heart. Articles that got a good response were artist interviews, interesting historical or background information on specific pieces. Good luck with this!

Katherine Thomas said...

That's exciting that you get to write about art! I'm sure you'll come up with just the right angle for your readers. You know them better than we do! Happy writing!

MariaS said...

Dream job! I would hit all the points that you mentioned, as well as different art classes at community centers or centers for art...for instance: is there a special artist that teaches glass blowing? You know, things that we may want to learn but are a bit off the beaten path. I would also do interviews with artists that have an exhibition coming up, or a local author... Good luck and keep us posted!