Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Keeping Your Focus

Good video about where you should have your focus, how to be aware of obstacles but not be overcome by them, but look for the spaces and the way around your obstacles. Pretty deep stuff. Bet you didn't expect to find it on my blog, huh? lol!

Of extra interest, the speaker Dan Thurmon is from my town of Snellville Georgia, and his mother is a wonderful artist friend of mine named Diana Thurmon! Clearly, creative thinking runs deep in their family. Dan was just inducted into the National Speaker's Hall of Fame, and that's a pretty big deal. Past winners are greats like Zig Ziglar and Og Mandino.


Ava Jae said...

I love the videos you post here. They're all great! Thanks so much for sharing these!

Donna J said...

Engaging & practical - loved it!

Jill said...

Great advice about focusing. Good words to think about and how it can work for our lives, whatever we do. Thanx, Darla.