Sunday, July 10, 2011

Grumpy Woman Illustration

I can’t remember exactly when and why I did this pastel artwork. I think I was just playing with my art materials, or maybe I was in a bad mood when I did this. However, I’m sure by the time I was done, I was laughing.

This woman is so grumpy she looks funny. I can tell I was influenced by the 1970’s in this drawing, although I know it’s not that old. I probably did it around 1996 or later. The colors are so 70’s with the browns and oranges, the style is somewhat 70’s.

For me, what makes it funny is how uptight she is, and the little barrettes, firmly placed in her hair, just finish her personality. You get the sense that she didn’t get grumpy because of what someone else did – she’s just perpetually a grumpy-butt. However, the red cheeks make it look like she's a bit embarrassed too.

What do you think?


Katherine Thomas said...

It's great! You've captured that PMS look so perfectly! (Not that I would know...) Every detail says, "I'm grumpy, leave me alone_"
Nice job!

Amberr said...

She's just go the overall "leave me alone" look going on.