Sunday, May 22, 2011

Visiting Marietta, Georgia & the Strand Theatre

Last week, my husband and I visited downtown Marietta Georgia to see a silent film with live organ accompaniment. The movie was called Sunrise (1927), starring George O'Brien and Janet Gaynor. The theater is called The Earl Smith Strand Theatre.

The drive there wasn't fun, because I was getting over a virus and felt like I was going to hurl the entire trip. But I was determined to get there. Downtown Marietta area is just beautiful. I want to go back for another event and be able to spend more time taking pictures. The Strand overlooks a lovely park. The downtown Marietta area looks like a great place to enjoy a "staycation" sometime.

The theatre is a non-profit, but I could tell it had a lot of public support. Each chair in the theatre had a plaque showing the name of the person who supported the theatre by purchasing a seat. Outside, the bricks in front of the theatre were engraved with names of theatre patrons. You can see more photos here.

I'll return, and next time I'll be well so I'll enjoy it even more.

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