Monday, April 11, 2011

Most. Blatant. Website. Content. Theft. Ever.

I've had my website content stolen before, so I have gotten to the point that I am past being surprised. However, sometimes I still get shocked by the blatant (and I have to say "alleged" here to cover all bases, grr) theft of my website.

Look and decide for yourself. I would estimate that approximately 96% of the content of this site is mine. is the website of someone named
Frank Okullu from Nairobi Kenya, and is my website.

There's a certain point where it goes past being flattery and catapults right into downright theft. Even the copyright information was cut and pasted!

I've tried to go through the proper channels to report this theft. A few months ago, I found that a lot of my text was being used on this person's Facebook fan page. I filed an abuse report with Facebook, thinking Facebook would think "Hey, we don't need this kind of person using our site!" and delete his account. But no, they only removed the offending text. So he's still there to continue dishonest practices...okay lawyers - ALLEGED dishonest practices. Sheesh.

For the website, of course I've emailed Frank Okullu and have not received a response.
I've reported it to the Kenyan Copyright Board too. I don't expect much from this. I've received 2 emails to say that my email has not yet been delivered. It's in some kind of waiting queue. I sent a copy to the U.S. Copyright Office as a CC, mainly for the Kenyan Copyright Board to see that I did (because I don't expect the folks at the US Copyright Office to throw their coffee cups into the sink and leap to my rescue while shouting, "Darla Dixon needs our help!!!!"

So anyway Frank, enjoy allegedly taking whatever you find on the Internet. Maybe someday you'll work on your website for 10 years only to have someone steal yours from you. By the way, by taking my content, you are essentially hurting both of our websites. Because it doesn't help you to have duplicate content, and I think both God and Google know which site was there FIRST.

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