Thursday, March 3, 2011

In the newspaper

I was interviewed for an article in the Gwinnett Daily Post newspaper recently. I was told it could be awhile before it appeared, and that made total sense because you never know what big news story might break. An article about an artist can pretty much appear anytime and not really be out-of-date. So I didn't really expect it to be published anytime very soon.

Tonight, I received a text message (sent to my phone magically through the wonder that is Twitter) from @Ktmae1229 (AKA Ms. Awesome), saying "Look, it's you!" -- She saw the article online. It's online tonight but will appear in tomorrow's print edition. Jason Braverman (the photographer) is very skilled if he can make me look that good!

I have to make one small correction to the article though. The article says I've done only a few stillborn baby portraits. In fact, I've been hired to create many more stillborn portraits than age regression drawings. I'm sad to say those families needed me to do those for them, but I'm glad I was able to help them get the portraits of their dear babies that they wanted.

Here's the article written by the wonderful Carole Townsend.