Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blogging Mom Featured on What Not To Wear

Carmindy Bowyer and AmandaToday we're watching an episode of TLC's What Not To Wear, in which a mommy blogger is being made-over. Amanda's a mom who blogs and tends to think of herself as her kids' mom and has neglected herself. No, I've never heard of anybody like that - (Sarcasm about myself -- lol!)

As pointed out by stylists Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, it's interesting how the blogger (Amanda's) personality doesn't seem as confident as her blogging persona. Well duh! Yeah -- we are bloggers (and artists, etc) because we are kinda shy! There's nothing wrong with that, it ups our quirky.

So without further ado, here is Amanda's blog, called Parenting BY Dummies (as a take off on the popular line of FOR Dummies books). I would have never found her blog if not for What Not To Wear!

If Stacy London and Clinton Kelly pounced on you today and handed you a credit card with $5,000 to spend on an entire new wardrobe, but you would have to turn yourself over to them to make-over, would you do it? I probably would, because I know they do good work. But the idea of seeing myself on TV and everybody else seeing me on TV in perpetuity (because I know TLC will own the rights FOREVER) frankly puts a knot in the center of my stomach!

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cscottdraw said...

I would definatly do it, but yah it would scare the hell out of me being on tv. Of course, the two things I would hate the most is the before viewing where a bunch of friends/coworkers watch you in all your bad outfits and then at the end of the show the party in your honor. I hate being the center of attention and a party all about me and how I look would wig me out.