Wednesday, March 2, 2011

American Pickers

I like antiques -- I'm a regular viewer of Antiques Roadshow, until I fall asleep (during a pottery appraisal, usually) so several people recommended I watch American Pickers, a new reality show on the History Channel.

I've now watched several episodes, and although I have an interest in the stuff they find, I have issues with the ironically un-realistic "reality" of the show, and the generally mercenary nature of it. (Update: They're not always so money-hungry and I love this show now, so you never know)

In contrast, there was a British show called Cash in the Attic that I really liked. In Cash in the Attic a family or individual needed money for a certain goal. Sometimes it was a medical need or a family trip -- so you would really be cheering for the family to attain the goal. The antiques appraisers visited the family, went through their stuff looking for treasures. Then the items went to auction and the viewers of the program were able to watch the auction.

But American Pickers is about getting the objects at the lowest possible price to then be able to turn the items at a profit. There's nothing wrong with profit, I just don't think it makes the show as enjoyable, at least to me. Frank on American Pickers is okay, but the taller guy often gets on my nerves, and I don't know why (I would probably get on his nerves!)

I do like that American Pickers gives a quick history tidbit on certain items, and one thing's for sure, I've never fallen asleep watching it. I still like Antiques Roadshow better though. If it's a good show, it's good, and if it's not -- at least I end up with a good nap.

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Carrie said...

My husband and I LOVE American Pickers!! I find it to be quite educational...makes me wanna go garage sale shopping:) BTW, I love your ART!!