Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Art in Exhibition

Remember I said I'd keep you updated on the art exhibition in a Snellville gallery? Well, here it is. The black and white pieces were drawn by myself, and my picture and an artist's statement are on the wall. I was shocked to find out that my art is the first art people see when they come into the gallery!

There are some really talented people in my area. I hope everyone will get a lot out of the exhibition. I need to go back again soon and take a closer look at all the art on the walls. Looking at real art can really be inspiring and exciting. If you are in the Snellville area, stop in. To look at the art is free.

The exhibition runs through the month of February, but the gallery owner told me she is considering holding the exhibition an additional month.

Click here for more information on Cobble Creek Studios & Gallery.

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