Monday, October 11, 2010

"Happy" Columbus Day? Yes? No?

Columbus Day is a difficult holiday. Some places "celebrate" Columbus Day by being open - Stores, mainly.

Stores are always looking for anything to get us to "celebrate" by spending our money there. Some places "celebrate" Columbus Day by being closed - Banks. Ironically, when we most need the bank to be open so we can cash a check to "celebrate" at the stores.
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Columbus Day is a difficult holiday to blog about (take my word for this), because you can't post "Happy Columbus Day!" without a do-gooder pointing out the non-political-correctness of this holiday:

"offering shocking evidence of the imperfections and scandals that surrounded Columbus. Called everything from a "rapist" to an "idiot," Columbus Day now occupies the position of a bonafide controversy in the annals of America. "
[Huffington Post]

So overall, it's a difficult "holiday." Most government offices will be closed, including the Post Office, yet my city of Snellville, Georgia will have a City Council Meeting tonight.

I think America will have to come to terms with whether we love or hate Columbus Day, or whether it will just be an excuse to sell mattresses at deep, deep discounts.


carole townsend said...

I vote we do our banking at the city council meeting.

gregjoens said...

It seems the more we explore the heroes of our past the more we become disappointed. George Washington was an immortalized when I was a kid... now everyone just knows he had false teeth. sad.

Darla Dixon, Artist said...

@ Carole, lol! It would be more convenient! You will have to fill me in on what happens tonight, because I can't be there. I guess I will have to wait for the paper!

@ Greg, that is true...not only did he have false teeth, they were made of WHALE bone, which is extremely politically incorrect now. I guess they didn't know about P.C. back