Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quoted in the paper!

Here it is, proof that I was right about something! I should print out this news article, frame it, and show it to my teenagers whenever I need documented proof of my authority! lol!
To almost everybody it means something to do with a relaxing long weekend — barbecues, fun with family and friends, time at the lake or watching football — anything but labor.

Darla Dixon, an artist from Snellville, however, remembers the true meaning of Labor Day.

“It’s always seemed to me to be a day to honor the ordinary workers who are the backbone of keeping America running day to day,” Dixon said.

While the day might represent to many the official end of summer and the opportunity for that one last fling before hunkering down for the winter, Dixon actually has it right. When it began more than 100 years ago, Labor Day was a creation of the labor movement as a tribute to the social and economic achievements of the American worker — an annual tribute to the contributions of workers to the strength, prosperity and well being of the nation. However, being able to celebrate Labor Day by a day free from labor is also considered a fitting way for the American worker to be honored on his or her special day.
From: The Loganville Tribune: In dire economy, Labor Day takes on new focus

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Katherine Thomas said...

Congratulations! Always nice to be publicly recognized as getting something right! Good job, and Happy Labor Day!