Monday, August 9, 2010

Dog pencil portraits

Dog pencil portraits are one of my favorite types of portraits to do. I do these in both graphite (black and white) pencil and in colored pencil.

Today, I am working on a portrait in colored pencil of a Cocker Spaniel. I've had to start over on it, because the first version was off a bit. In graphite pencil, I can be 'off' a little bit and it's correctable, but the colored pencil is not erasable. Because I can't erase parts of it, I've had to start all over. Well, that comes with the territory. I'd rather have it right than have it quick, and luckily, B.D. (my client) feels the same way. I've done several dog portraits for B.D. and his family.
Here is a portrait of a dog that I don't have on my website yet. I did it late last year. It is hard to keep up with doing the portraits AND getting them online to show them. So I forgot to add this one to my site. Thought you might want to see this pencil portrait of a black dog. This is Chester, and unfortunately he has passed away, so this is a memorial portrait. I have heard so many good things about Chester, and I love dogs. Chester's human pack misses him very much.

Here is another memorial pencil portrait of a dog drawn from a photo. In this case the portrait is of a Shetland Sheepdog, also known as a Sheltie.

I'm trying to remember the first dog portrait I drew for a client. I can't remember. I guess it's been about 10 years since that first one!

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cscottdraw said...

your dog portraits are really amazing