Monday, July 5, 2010

Let's put it on our list

I unexpectedly found a great new use for the cellphone camera.

Whenever I go to the store with my kids, they always find some impulse item they want. Of course they do, because the stores have planned it that way, putting fun toys all throughout the grocery store. I call these displays "Venus kid-traps."

The day before yesterday, my son found this toy, called Dino World. I was very tempted to get it for him, after all, it looks sort of educational (you dig for plastic dinosaur bones inside the dino egg) and it's only about $3. But by kid #4 (pictured), I've learned that you have to start training a child early that they can't (or shouldn't) buy every item they see, no matter how cool it is.

I usually tell them we'll put it on our list to remember it for birthday or Christmas. But this time, I realized if I took the photo of the item, then I could remember what it is when his birthday rolls around. To a kid, this also sends the message that I'm really paying attention and we really are putting it on the list.

I can't wait for his birthday now. Can you imagine how much fun we are going to have digging up dinosaurs? Now I think I want it more than he does!


letti said...

Awesome idea :) I got to remember that one when Jaxon starts asking for stuff :)

cscottdraw said...

that is a pretty genius idea

yvonne said...

That's the creative genius in you Darla - great art work and great ideas!!