Monday, July 12, 2010

Bubbles painting - Sign for soap company

This is an acrylic painting I made for Candy Bars Soap Company or them to use as a sign. I met Candace (the owner and soap-maker) at the Snellville Farmers' Market a couple of weeks ago.

Her soap looks quite a bit like generous slices of fudge or poundcake. She puts her soap in baskets, and when I first walked by, I thought it was food out in the open! I planned to keep on walking, because frankly I was grossed out at the thought that food was out in the open without being covered....but then I realized it was soap!

We chatted a little bit about how sales had been - I shared what my first reaction was about thinking her soap was food.

I told her that I thought they need some kind of sign - perhaps one with bubbles on it, so people would have the instant realization that her soaps are...well, soaps!

An image communicates more quickly than something someone has to read. Our brains pick up on the images of bubbles immediately. The painting is done in acrylic and took me perhaps an hour or so to complete. (I'll share a little tip with you - old plastic container lids work fantastically as 'stamps' so the circle shapes were able to be added very quickly, then I just had to fill them in).

The lighter colored areas, like the little sparkles, really sparkle, because I did those with a silver metallic calligraphy marker made by Marvy (125-C Silver). They appear white in this photo, but in person, you can enjoy the sparkles. I let the flowers at the bottom look a little country-crafty (ie imperfect) to help carry over the handmade/handcrafted aspect of the soaps.

I didn't want more than 3-4 things going on in the painting - Sizes are in order of importance... #1 being the bubbles & blue color to indicate soap and water; #2 the grasses, flowers indicate the all-natural/nature aspect; #3 the company name; #4 the sparkles mean shine/beauty.

Candace says she thinks the sign has helped. Customers are raving about her all-natural handcrafted soaps, especially her new coffee soap.

You can check out Candy Bars Soap Co online here.

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