Friday, July 9, 2010

Is tea a gateway drug to coffee?

Last night, I ate a few pieces of 70% chocolate and drank several glasses of caffeinated tea so I could stay up late and work.

I felt sort of stressed and yet tired, so I decided to lie down "Just for a little while" and for some odd reason I slept better than I have most nights, except that I woke up briefly at 2 am & dozed off again.

I thought the caffeine would cause me to wake me up and keep me up early at that point, but it didn't, and I ended up waking up just 10 minutes before the boys did. You'd think that the caffeine in the chocolate and the caffeine in the tea would keep me awake. I've had times that just having one of them has given me insomnia. But nope, not this time!

Soooo, that plan didn't pan out very well and I'm still behind on art commissions. I might have to move up to coffee, but I dislike the taste of coffee. I went to Starbucks with an artist friend on Wednesday, and I must admit I'm still amazed that they can base a whole store on coffee. I drank a flavored water there. They don't have any fountain drinks like Coke or Pepsi. To me, that is just the oddest thing.

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