Friday, July 23, 2010

Another reason I love Squidoo

You might be wondering what Squidoo is, it's a site where you can make pages on any topic you're interested in, and you can make money for yourself or for charity.

I was scheduled to receive a payment of about $90 this month, and they only sent me $80. I thought about emailing them but I decided that they are always dependable, and Squidoo was a free sign-up, so I wasn't going to give them any hassle over $10 bucks. (I've rounded these amounts).

So I didn't contact them. A day or two later, I saw I received the rest of the money from them through PayPal. They discovered the error and fixed it. So they aren't sitting around waiting to pay somebody only when they complain. I have even more loyalty to Squidoo now for their honesty.

It's free to sign up: Just make one page and you will probably be hooked!


How to draw hair in pencil
Pencil portrait business advice - this page will lead you to 9+ pages I created on Squidoo that have to do with doing art as a business.
Richard Scarry - One of my favorite illustrators. Idea: Make a Squidoo page to honor someone you respect.
Norman Rockwell - One of my greatest inspirations in art.

There's much more there, just go and check it out.

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