Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tree frog painting

Rough sketch on 14"x14" canvas

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and bought a 14"x14" (square) gallery-wrapped canvas for Saturday's charity painting. I plan to paint a tree frog and decided that a square canvas rather than rectangular, would look the best. The canvas is already primed.

I sketched the frog by looking at the photo. I thought about using some transfer paper to get the image on the canvas, but in the end I decided to just look at the shapes in relationship to each other and sketched freehand. I'm very pleased how the sketch turned out. I did the sketch the first time directly onto the canvas and didn't do any erasing. The sketch isn't as dark as it looks in this example - I cranked up the contrast so you could see it better.

The photo inspiration - I changed the photo a bit from the reference. I want more of a leafy background, and like last week, I want sort of a realistic, yet pop art look to it. I don't want an exact copy, but I do want him to be cute.

If you click on the sketch, you can see my color notations "BLK/BRN" (black/brown) etc...because as I sketched it, I found I was already making some background color notations for myself. I plan to have the leaf tips go around the edges of the wrapped canvas. That will make the painting even more interesting.

The painting will be sold by SILENT AUCTION at the Snellville Farmers' Market (8 am to noon) on Saturday, June 26th. Look for the artist tent in the middle of all the other tents - the auction winner will be announced at noon.

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