Friday, June 25, 2010

Do you believe in dreams?

Illustration: 'Colorize,' by Hermina Kovacs

I don't think that dreams tell you what's going to happen, but I do believe that they give us insight into what we are thinking about in our subconscious.

Last night I dreamed that I won a big art competition. The dream was very detailed. There were to be several winners, runners-up, etc. The winners would see their artwork in a television commercial and win gift cards from an art materials supplier.

In my dream, the family was watching TV when I saw my art flash on the screen (the characters in the commercial were shuffling through images.) My artwork was an eye that was created all in rainbow colors - very similar to this artwork by Hermina Kovacs I found on I saw my artwork in the ad and started screaming, struggling to find the words to say "That was my art! I won!" I was absolutely breathless, I was so thrilled.

My son woke me up with my real award, the daily newspaper.

Kind of bummed out that my dream wasn't true, but I am encouraged by having the dream anyway - because it tells me that the dream still lives.


Katherine Thomas said...

That's an awesome idea to paint an eye with a special rainbow, or some special reflection inside it... I think you need to make that your next project. Your dream was speaking to you!

Darla Dixon, Artist said...

Thanks Katherine, well Kovaks has already done such a good job, and I found many images online very similar to what I dreamed - I don't think the image was as important as the other parts of the dream. It probably could have been any image, but this image was very bright and colorful, and that could have been symbolic of a bright and colorful future.

Lunch Box Mom said...

Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I am happy to have found yours---and hope you this particular dream does come true for you!