Friday, June 4, 2010


Today I woke up feeling like I've been in a car accident. I am sooo sore from Tae Kwon Do last night. If you think that TKD/Karate is just doing stances and poses, boy, it is NOT. I worked. I am sore but I won't give up. I'm hurting but I'm in better shape than I was even a month ago.

I was thinking about going to Tae Kwon Do practice tonight also, but I don't think I can. Tomorrow I will be painting live under a tent from about 8 until noon at our city's Farmers' Market, and I won't be able to function if I am too sore for that.

When I took the dog for her walk this morning, I checked out other peoples' recycling bins, and I found a great large plastic container with a lid that I can use tomorrow to hold water for my brushes. (It's an old Folger's container.) It's going to work out really well for me. I don't usually dumpster-dive, but if you see something you can use, you might as well get it. I saw a similar container at Hobby Lobby for about $3 a couple days ago. Of course, whenever you want to buy something for "Art," it's going to be expensive. The Folger's container is going to do the job!

The list of stuff to take to the Farmers' Market event is growing. It's amazing how much stuff I need to get together. I've been gradually getting everything organized. The artwork I make on site will be silent auctioned to help our local food bank.

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