Friday, June 18, 2010

Help, help! I'm being repressed!

On my friend's Facebook page, I saw her teenage son had posted on her page that his mother "is a communist, she won't let me have money to buy anything I want." - The typical teenager complaint.

We all went through this, but we weren't able to exact online revenge since our parents didn't have the courtesy to have Facebook pages. (Mainly because personal computers and the Internet didn't exist yet)

I replied that if she really was Communist, that would mean he would have to share everything with her, and vice versa. Then I started wondering if I had that right. After all, what do I technically know about Communism? Maybe it's another subject that I think I know about, but I don't know as well as I should.

So I looked up Communism and Socialism on

I tried to read those pages, but that may be a job for another day. It's not fun reading about systems of government. No wonder I'm not that educated on it. Chalk it up to another subject I know a little bit about, but I don't think I'm going to delve deeply into the topic.

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