Friday, June 18, 2010

Cell phone for senior citizens

A friend sent me this photo of a "cell phone for seniors." Click on the picture to get a closer view of it. You have to be old enough to remember rotary phones to get the joke of this photo.

I am old enough to remember them, although they were on their way out already during that time. Even then, I wondered why it was circular, and why couldn't it be some faster method? In reality, it probably only took a person with decent dexterity about 3 seconds to dial one of those things, but to the kid I was, it seemed like FOREVER. I would jerk my head along with the dial-back rotation with each number. No wonder when they came up with an emergency number, they kept it short: 911.

Another thing about the old phones was that they were heavy. At least as heavy as a brick. But that was okay, because people didn't move around as much then as the do now. They'd sit that thing on the telephone table and it would stay there for years (yes, a special table just for the phone ...why? Because the thing was heavy. Were you even listening before?) ;-) Aw, just having fun with you.

But it's funny how this cellphone picture helped me remember something about my dad, especially with Father's Day just a couple days away. Several years ago, I tried to encourage my dad (who died in 2005) to get at least a cordless phone, if not a cell phone. I said,

"Wouldn't it be great to be able to take it out in the yard with you?" and his response was, "I go out in the yard to get away from the damn phone." So right, Dad, so right.


cscottdraw said...

ha! I remember those phones, when I was literally like 7 my bff had a big wooden clunky one on the wall and it really did take forever for us to call someone. I had a normal phone though, so I am not sure why their's was so old school.

I agree with your Dad, but its always a mixed emotion when I leave my phone at home. I feel sort of lost without it, but it is nice to know that no one will be bothering me =)

Darla Dixon, Artist said...

I have to let a lot of calls go to voice mail. Especially if I'm working, I just lose the flow of what I was doing if I answer the phone.