Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cat painting

This is a painting I started tonight of a...well, pretty obvious, I hope. Yes, it's a cat.

Painted in acrylics on 24"x30" gallery-wrapped* canvas, this artwork will be auctioned Saturday at the Snellville Farmers' Market. The proceeds from the art will go to our local food bank. I may finish it up there, but once I get started, I get so driven to finish.

Plus, I really, really, love working in air conditioned environment at home. It's hard to paint in 90+ degrees outside. I want something really nice to auction. When September and October roll around, I'll be back to painting outside.

I'll continue on with this, putting in another layer to get the fur details in. Right now the artwork seems to be somewhere between pop art and realism. I try to do pop art, but I just can't help but be a realist at heart.

*Gallery-wrapped means that the canvas wraps around the edges of the wood frame, so the artwork doesn't have to be framed. It can still be framed if you like, but it can also go right up on the wall and look nice. Some canvases are stapled to the sides of the wood framework so that the staples can be seen. Those are not gallery-wrapped, and really need to be framed to look nice on the wall. That's why Galley -wrapped is favored by many people.


Anonymous said...

nice work ! interesting to follow you along with the window to your thoughts when you write ! jeanne lee

Jaguar Julie said...

Darla my dear! This is very lovely - I RT'd it for you and I do hope it commands a lovely price. So nice to see you. Hugs!

Darla Dixon, Artist said...

Thanks Jeanne and Julie! Thanks Julie for the RT. You are both wonderful.